The Clouds Will Clear & Kollapsin

Di 02. Okt | 20:00 - 23:00 Uhr

The Clouds Will Clear – „Recollection Of What Never Was“ – Release Tour 2018

The Clouds Will Clear
Audio-Visual Post-Rock (Frankfurt)

The Clouds Will Clear is an instrumental post-rock band from Frankfurt, Germany. The four members (Angelo, Tobias, Gerold and Andreas) „create a sound that falls between lush post- rock, organic ambient and ethereal cinematic soundscapes with a hint of electronica“ (Echoes and Dust).
The Clouds Will Clear’s live performance is complemented by visuals providing nature and urban imagery. This engaging sonic and visual journey lets you immerse into another world. 

Post-Rock Prog-Rock (Kiel)

Ein großes Spektrum an Vielfalt und Ideen zeichnet die Musik von KOLLAPSIN aus. Zwischen gefühlvollen Melodien, variablen Riffs und stilistischen Einsätzen erklingen die Songs progressiv, Post-Rock affin.

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