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Transparent decision-making processes

Mi 16. Jun | 14:00 - 18:00 Uhr

In this workshop, we will look into systems in which teams don’t drown in miscommunication, conflicts, or incompatible work styles.

At the start of every business, your excitement is mixed with wondering how to organise a team so you can actually pull off your idea with success.

In this workshop, we will look into systems you really want in place so you and your team don’t drown in miscommunication, conflicts due to lack of clarity, or incompatible work styles. We will workshop how to design robust systems for internal communication, building resilience and create a team spirit of support and collaboration.

Jonathan Klodt supports individuals and organizations on their path towards wholesome impact in a culture of potential development. As a Business graduate he co-founded several companies and worked as a project manager for international NGOs. His passion is to harness the collective intelligence of all team members.

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